Can a Minneapolis Wedding Photographer bring more value than just beautiful photos?

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The answer is.... ABSOLUTELY! In my nine years of experience as being a Minneapolis and Saint Paul Wedding Photographer, I find myself being somewhat of a consultant... AND I LOVE IT! Nothing is more rewarding than being that go-to person when a bride or groom has a question or needs some advice.

For example, this last weekend I had just finished taking the last few photos from an engagement session and the couple and I started talking about the wedding. We were discussing all of the updated information that they had for me, most specifically the wedding party and how they were going to transport everyone. I could sense she was overwhelmed. I mentioned I have a personal friend who has his own Limo Company. BOOM! Just like that I could sense a sigh of relief.


The conversation continued and the bride-to-be told me how they want to incorporate wood into their guestbook.To make it happen the woodworker will need a specific machine to make the cuts they want, but they have had no luck finding anyone. "Well" I said, "It just so happens that I have another friend who owns his own woodworking shop, would you like me to make an introduction to see if he either has the machine or would know someone who does?" BOOM! Nailed it again. She accepted.

Through photographing weddings here in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, I have gotten to know many great vendors and have seen many of the great venues in the Twin Cities market. With that knowledge alone the bride and groom can easily lean on me for advice as to what wedding services are out there, and most importantly, who they can trust does a great job.



However my network doesn't end there! I also am a part of a networking organization that doesn't just accept anyone. Only vetted applicants will be considered for membership. How does this tie in? As a newly-wed couple, typically you are just starting your life together. For instance you may need a new home (buying or selling as well as financing), from there you would need to insure your new home. You might want to set out your life goals and plan together when you would like to retire and how will you get there. After a few years you might decide to have kids, and then you might need to set up a living will. Unfortunately accidents can happen, and with planning you can be covered, but how do you heal? You might need an experienced Chiropractor or massage therapist you can trust. The list goes on! 

All of this is what Alex Carroll Photography brings to the table. Of course you get an amazing team of photographers with years of experience who take beautiful photos at your disposal. But you also gain access to a vast network of trusted people and businesses at your beck and call.

Don't chance it on your once-in-a-lifetime event. Book Alex Carroll Photography for your wedding photography needs by calling 651-283-4688 or by email and get peace of mind.



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